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Marleen Rameckers was educated at the Academy of Visual Arts in Antwerp and at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. It was in Zurich that the inspiration for her jewelry line was initiated, which has been evolving ever since.

Each piece is uniquely designed and crafted by Marleen Rameckers using only natural materials in exquisite colours.


Marleen Rameckers Atelier

Spiegelstraat 11c

1405 HV Bussum

Opening hours:

We are open for reservations: 

Please call +31 6 33824207

Gesloten ivm vakantie van 14 juli 2021 tm 14 augustus 2021

Please feel free to come and view the new spring collection.

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selected boutiques


Spiegelstraat 11a

1405 HV Bussum

Emma Mode

Binnenpoort 5

4101 CH Culemborg




Marleen Rameckers Atelier participates, with 12 other jewellery designers, the Marjan Unger Tribute.

This will be during the 18th edition of SIERAAD Art Fair 7 – 10 Nov 2019 in the Westergas Amsterdam.

For more information:
International Jewellery Art Fair SIERAAD

Gesloten ivm vakantie van 14 juli 2021 tm 14 augustus 2021